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          British Columbia

Hello fellow gingers and redhead lovers! This beautiful gal is Caelyx. She is a friendly Leo that models, works in a pharmacy, and runs her amazing site  Gingerotica.com. Sorry guys, she’s in a relationship but check out her site and all the beautiful redheads she features regularly! (Photo: Sarah Bowman)

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Hi, I’m Kirk Powell. I’m a dj/producer missing a mate. 

Contact: kirk.powell@g.austincc.edu

     Artist from the Bronx

Hi, I'm Tommy Marrero. I'm 27 years old and currently living in Kansas. Art and music pretty much sums up my life right now. I love to travel and have always been somewhat of a Bohemian Nomad. 

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Hi, I’m Silyssa and I’m a 24 year old Scorpio!

My hobbies are playing videogames, reading fantasy books, and watching anime/tv shows.

My current goals are to finish my studies, become the strongest athlete in Ludosport (my sport), and to improve as model and cosplayer. 

Please feel free to check out my site:



Hi, My name is Chris,  I am 27 years old.  Not a redhead myself, but have always liked redhead women.  I am a nightowl and am lookin for other nightowls to talk to late at night as I don't get off work till 3am and it takes me a while to unwind before I can go to sleep.  You can email me : gizmo2590@yahoo.com







My name is Kent. 

I'm a 30 year old Viking from Norway.

I'm 6'3" and about 230lbs.

I've always adored redheads/gingers; been with a few. I adore the hair, the freckles, the eyes, the smile framed by fire, and their feistiness basically! I want to get to know redheaded women who also dare speak exactly what they see/mean. I'd like to hear from you!

Contact: Snapchat, kentlillebror


Bandia beannacht ort,

Is é mo ainm Tadhg agus tá mé singil.

Tá mé seandálai ag obair sa bhfásach Mojave. Fear Saighdeoir atá ag lorg an grá dá shaol. Thiomána mé Harley-Davidson, grá campa, cócaireacht, agus a bhfuil dea-am. Is é mo áit is fearr leat chun cuairt a thabhairt ar Éirinn, téim ar a laghad uair sa bhliain.


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Goddess Blessing on you,

My name is Tadhg Kirwan and I am single.

I am an archaeologist working in the Mojave Desert.  A Sagittarius man who is looking for the love of his life.  I ride Harley-Davidsons, love camping, cooking, and having a good time.  My favorite place to visit is Ireland, I go at least once a year.


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Hi, I'm Dean Whetstone!       SINGLE 

I am retired at age 33 from the Army.  Being a Virgo, I am a very honest and up front person who likes things tidy. I love going to the movies and working on hot rods! I enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hunting and fishing.


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Hi, I'm Kimberly Carey!      SINGLE 

I enjoy painting, sculpting, cooking, and driving.

I'm also a fiery Leo!


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Hi! I'm Ashley Sheppard!    SINGLE 

I'm 19 years old and enjoy photography. I'm also a dog trainer! Love being outdoors with my dogs and taking photos!

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          New Jersey 

Hi! I'm Sharon Lynn Sullivan!  In Relationship!

I enjoy baking, reading and spending time with my kids and dog. I have a makeup obsession and enjoy playing with hair. I spend time relaxing with friends and wine!

This Gemini also enjoys meeting new people!

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Hi, I'm Sarah Stoffel!     SINGLE 

I'm 37 years old and I'm a Gemini.  I enjoy relaxing and watching Netflix & Hulu. I enjoy learning, nature and I'm just open to new experiences!

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         New Jersey 

Hi! I'm Mary Lashley!   SINGLE 

I'm 49 but 21 young! lol I'm a Pisces who is into driving fast! I enjoy playing with snakes and have my own zoo. I love belly dancing! I have my own eBay Stores to keep me busy!

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        North London 
Hi, I'm Jake Ives and I am 21.      SINGLE 
I am currently working in the IT Industry as a consultant.
I am looking to meet cool new people!

Email Contact:  jake@ives.gb.net


Hi! I'm Megan Mespelt.  I'm 29 years old and a social worker and a plus size model. I'm a lover of the outdoors and a country girl at heart.


Embracing the plus size booming market and I'm available for bookings!

Feel free to contact me:

Instagram: meganmnm_1988

Facebook: Megan Mespelt


Hi! I'm Brad Zekoff.     SINGLE

I am an 8 year Army Veteran and willing to relocate. I enjoy camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, shooting range, and riding my motorcycle. My first priority is spending time teaching all my skills and knowledge to my 2 year old son.


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Email: firelfy8618@gmail.com


Hi, I'm Kristina Haley!     SINGLE 

I'm a sweet n wild spunky 25 year old nerd! Lol

I'm a conformed independent Libra driven for success. I enjoy working on hot rods, drag racing, and music. My weakness is 383 small block stroker engines, 1957 Plymouth Fury, and a rockabilly guy!

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Hi, I'm Sammie Hood!     SINGLE

I'm 18 years old and born and raised in Tennessee. I'm a Virgo and I'm pretty true to that. I love to read, big movie fan, nature fanatic and animal lover. I'm what you call a thrill seeker; I'm taken by anything exciting, adventurous and even dangerous! I'm a wild card and I love being that way. I can come off shy but as soon as you get to know me, you'll realize I don't know what an off switch is.

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Hi, I'm James Staggs; 40.        SINGLE 

I enjoy playing music, gaming, movies, live music, nerdy things, science, history, travel and fooooooood!

I'm a Libra with a moon in Pisces.

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           South Africa 

Hi, I'm Angela Swiegers.      SINGLE 

I'm 39 years old and enjoy the beach, painting, and practicing psychic. I do a bit of modeling on the side.

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Hi, I'm Stormy Mystique! I'm a Libra that has a balanced temperament, gentle and creative and in harmony with nature. I'm an aerospace engineer, aircraft mechanic, and gamer girl. Sorry guys, I'm taken! But please check out my page:

Stormy Mystique: The Ginger Viking


Hi, I'm Jeanette Wileman.     SINGLE 

I love the outdoor life of camping, walking along the river, and cycling. This Capricorn enjoys arts and crafts and making my own cards. I'm open and want to meet new friends.

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Hi, I'm Liz Jones!    SINGLE 

I'm 22 years old and I'm a passionate creative type that loves to read, write, draw and dance! I'm the true definition of a Libra that is fiery and headstrong!

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Hello my fellow redhead lovers and followers! I'm Shaundra-lea Stacy Stevenson!     SINGLE 
I am both a Leo and a Rooster and damn do I fit the part! This 24 year old was raised to not hesitate and use my words. I enjoy shooting guns so watch out! I love rock music and work in construction. Love my son and my steel toe boots more than anything. Got an old soul and great heart that I've got to protect.
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Hi, I'm Natasha Davis. 26     SINGLE

I'm a fire sign Sagittarius which matches my crazy hair and personality.  I am currently single but am following my heart with someone I recently met online. I am very shy but love to laugh and have a good time as life is too short to be unhappy. I love art and enjoying drawing, painting and photography. I also love adventures like bike rides, being outdoors, roller coasters, and would love to travel and see new places.


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Hi, I'm Tracy Wheeler!         SINGLE

This 47 year old was born and raised as a country girl.  I'm a happy carefree soul and believe your life is what you make it. Being born under the sign of Cancer goes well with my curiosity for new adventures and my love of outdoors. I enjoy camping and fishing and sitting by a nice fire. I have a strong passion for music and I love to go out dancing.


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               New York

Hi, I'm Martini Red.      SINGLE 

I'm in my 30s and a Taurus. When I was a little girl on my way to becoming a teenager, I discovered that I was born to write! I have written many poems and I'm currently writing a supernatural thriller novel about friendship.

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Hi, I'm Ashley Darcangelo! I'm 26 and a married Libra. I'm a music festival junkie, hippy soul, dirty punky type, dirt worshiping tree hugger that dances naked in the woods. I also enjoy my red wine quite often! I'm always down to meet some cool new people. 

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           Model from the U.K. 

Hi, I'm Em Katherine. I like to travel and do yoga. I have been a model for some time now and love it! I am available for bookings so please feel free to contact me.

Contact:   Instagram: em450

                 Twitter: em450


           Model from Ireland 

Kate McLoughney, 23  SINGLE

Studying psychotherapist.

Irish pinup & burlesque model.

Lover of everything vintage.

Shoot me a message if you are interested in prints from my model shoot in New York!


Contact: www.facebook.com/Katemcloughneypinup

Hi, I'm Casandra Perkinson.    SINGLE 
I enjoy cooking and watching tv. This Capricorn is very open but strong willed. I'm a girly girl but know how to get dirty!

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Hi, I'm Darcy Jo Parnell.  SINGLE

I'm a fun loving, outdoorsy, country girl. Love to sing karaoke and do anything that involves being outdoors.  And yes I'm single. 5'9 all legs and I don't date guys shorter than me.


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Hi, I'm  Sarah Post.      SINGLE
I am a painter, gardener, and aspiring homesteader.  I enjoy being outdoors, fishing, trapping, and hanging out with bikers.

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My name is Lyndsay Belle Emerson. SINGLE

I'm from Oklahoma and have a down to earth attitude. always willing to learn new things.  My favorite pastime is adventuring with my Blue Nose Pit named Lady. I like all types of music and anything that involves mud, tools, and outdoors.


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Good morning. I'm Stormy Nichole Day aka Nicho.                 

I'm 21 years old. Hobbies include dancing, reading,  writing poetry, singing, swimming, mudding in a Jeep, dirt biking, roller blading and playing video games. I love individuality, tattoos, and piercings. I am definitely a dom with a kink for skin, nibbling lips and licking ears. I thrive on being different. I am a massage therapist born in Ireland raised in Arkansas.

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Hi, I'm Angie Ruth Hensley.    SINGLE 
After 20 years of marriage, I thought my good years were over. Thanks to the redhead sites on Facebook I've quickly realized this "single" Ginger's story is not finished yet!  I'm almost 52 and the fire in this natural redhead still burns! I am that woman!
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Hi, I'm Jackie O'Brien.    SINGLE 
I'm 27 years old and a single mom from Dublin, Ireland. I enjoy singing and dancing and spending time with my son.  I'm an easy going, down to earth Taurus. 
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          North Carolina 
I'm Machere Bradshaw.   IN RELATIONSHIP
I have two children, only one ended up with red hair. I'm an outdoors kind of girl who loves gardening or laying on the beach. I work in a front office of a small medical company. I live out in the country with my boyfriend of one year and my four huge dogs.
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        United Kingdom 
Hi, I'm Joanne Lori.      SINGLE
I'm a natural redhead from Scotland, UK. My loves are music and art. My favorite genre is metal. I'm into gothic art and I love horror and all things spooky. My ambition this year is to learn to play the guitar and go see as many live gigs as possible. My type of guy is fun and adventurous. I have a weakness for guys with long hair.
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Hi, I'm Jennifer Jill.       IN RELATIONSHIP 
I'm a Virgo girl that always has music playing in my head. If travel was free I'd never sit still. I'm a hard working nurse with goals to reach the sky. This redhead Virgo plays hard and loves to dance and laugh with friends.
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Hello, I'm Angie Dukes Meffert.     SINGLE
I am from Kentucky which is known for fast horses and pretty women or it could be the other way around, pretty horses and fast women! Haha!!! Laughter is good for the soul and my favorite thing to do. I'm a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Family, friends, kindness and respect are very important to me. I am currently single but who knows what lies ahead......
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        Aspiring Model from the U.K. 
Hi, I'm Jessica Kate Tierney! I'm a 25 year old Sagittarius that is very enthusiasticly pursuing my dream of becoming a model. I'm very energetic and enjoy working out. I'm open minded and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I have a very strong passion for photography, modeling and fashion.
Check out my Facebook page:
Jessica-kate Modelling 
Hi, I'm Jessica A Gipson.  IN RELATIONSHIP
I am a single mother of two teenagers, after an 18 year marriage. I am currently a preschool teacher but have worked with middle schoolers for the past 12 years. I am happily taken by a wonderful, sexy man who I love very much! I am a Sagittarius with high emotion levels. When I'm happy, I'm ecstatic! But when I'm mad, run for the hills!
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Hi, I'm Catherin Mae Briseno.    MARRIED
Born and raised in Texas and have a degree for veterinary technician. I love animals and rescue them therefore I have a house full of them and they are my life. I'm pretty much just a down home country girl that loves her animals!  I have a long lineage of family from England, Scotland and Ireland. I get my red hair from my dad.  I have several step kids and my hobby that I enjoy is making reborn baby therapy dolls. These unique dolls help the elderly with dementia and women that have miscarried.  Thank you for reading my story and God bless you all.
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Hi, I'm Aimee Lynn.      SINGLE 
I worked as a professor of history until three years ago when my middle child got Lyme Disease. I now take care of her full time. I am an outdoors person, love to hike and fish. Also, I love to read and sketch what I see. This Cancer sign doesn't just hook up with just anyone, I prefer a steady relationship.
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Hi, I'm John Garceau and 46.        SINGLE 
Spending time with my daughter is my first priority. I love almost every genre of music. Laughter and amazing sex are very important also! If you can't laugh or help others laugh then why bother being alive? And the amazing sex, well if you don't try to make it amazing for the other person and yourself then you are missing out! I'm living in the Philadelphia suburbs and you can find me working on my Facebook page TheGarShow! Go check it out!
Bonus: Pinball
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Hi, I'm Rebekah Hall.      
I'm a 35, former Marine that enjoys cosplay and modeling. I like to cook, write, watch movies, and workout. I love to travel and do volunteer work.
I work and travel close to 85 hours a week so it's hard to pin me down.  
Hi, I'm Chris Sargent.         SINGLE 
I'm an old fashioned Libra from Florida. I'm 31 with 5 tattoos. I'm an old school rock, country, new heavy and Dean Martin kinda guy. Communication is very important to this Libra. I am a analyzer and a thinker. I am always there for the ones I love and do not like when my family or close friends  are messed with or disrespected. I'm looking for new friends or someone special to laugh with on this road called life!
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Hi, I'm John Freida.
I'm over 40, in Newark, Delaware looking for new friends.
Contact: jfreida88@gmail.com
Hi, I'm Krystal Miz!       SINGLE 
I am a Pisces that adores spending time with my two teenager boys. 

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Hi, I'm Kelly Henley!    SINGLE 
I really enjoy riding my street bike, 4 wheelers, and my truck. This Leo enjoys anything to do with water and mud! 

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Hi, I'm Wendy Stobaugh!     SINGLE 
This Capricorn loves to cook. I also enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my kids!

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Hi, I'm Lyndsay Eileen.       SINGLE 
I'm 33 years old and a 5'8" Aquarius.  I love NASCAR and football. I have a fun sense of humor and love to sing and laugh. This Aquarius is very artistic and the small things in life matter.

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Hi, I'm Kate White!         SINGLE 
I enjoy painting, writing and singing.
I love photography and tattoos.
Also, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors.
My sassy Aries side loves sarcastic humor and laughing!

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Instagram @Redhead.Kate
Hi, I'm Sheilagh Mae.        SINGLE 
As a Taurus, love and respect between my family and friends is very important. I'm kinda a car chick,  enjoy watching drag racing and riding motorcycles.
My summer activities I enjoy are hiking, camping and boating. In the cold winter months I like to stay warm inside and watch movies and crochet.

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Hi, I'm Marla Cross.     SINGLE 
I'm 36 years old and I love horses and the rodeo. I'm a romantic Pisces that is a big thinker. 

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Hi, I'm Brittany Ivey! I'm 27 and singing is my life. I sing in an Alaskan symphonic metal band called Ataraxus! I'm Aquarius and love water and animals. I'm super compassionate and understanding but don't tolerate drama or bullshit.

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Hi, I'm Barney Sprolito. 47.     SINGLE 
This Aries enjoys reading, walks, and a good conversation. I'm very protective over my family and friends. My friends will tell you that I'm a good listener that believes in the importance of truth.
I'm looking for that special someone that's honest, loyal, and accepting of my nature. I will in turn spoil her and make sure she is treated special and appreciated.
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