Our DEALS of the WEEK are NEW & gently USED items!

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Guys, we NEED change!

My redhead friends & admirers, embrace & support this change by purchasing used items whenever possible. I am choosing the path of my gently used items by reselling them here for a fraction of the retail value!

        Together We Can Move Mountains

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Deal of the Week
Photos of items for sale.....soon!
Our 1st year of Our Sustainability Journey

I believe that people can live better lives if they:

-Stop, Collaborate & Listen
-Learn, Strategize & Implement Change.

To produce products we use resources, water, chemicals and energy, which impacts our environment!
Strive to Minimize Harm To Our Planet

“Are we walking lighter?”
“Is this a positive vibe?”
“Will it encourage change?”
“Are we reaching our environmental limits?”
“Are our ways no longer sustainable?”

On an individual level, I’m challenged to continually better my direct environment locally!
Embrace Change Together

When it comes to our planet, I want to aim for the stars! We can choose our path of change by repairing, reusing, recycling & regenerating our used products. We can be a part of a broader movement & NOT contribute to the deforestation of endangered forests. 
Thanks for all your support that keeps the fire under our “proverbial butts” burning bright!